Reach village sign
Out of Reach
Folk Music from Cambridgeshire Pub Sessions

The Musicians

The long-running Sunday evening sessions at the Dyke's End in Reach were very popular with local folk musicians - sometimes a dozen or more players would congregate in the pub's small bar, producing a wonderful (and loud!) sound. Over the years, as players came and went, a sometimes eclectic mix of instruments could be heard at the session, including such curiosities as Galician bagpipes, a soprano saxophone or a trombone. However, the musicians that got together to record Out of Reach - listed below - are primarily playing melodeons, concertinas and fiddles, those mainstays of the English tune session. The tunes are given some added spice by the addition of banjo, cello, mandolin and octave mandola, and the songs have a guitar accompaniment.

Out of Reach was recorded and produced at Treewind Studios by Anahata, to whom many thanks are due.
Melodeons, Cello and Concertina
Anahata has been playing English traditional folk music and accompanying morris dancing for many years. In that time he has played for the Chelmsford and Hammersmith morris sides, been a resident at the Islington folk club, played in various ceilidh bands and contributed to several albums. More recently he formed a duo with Mary (see their web site), and with her has appeared at many folk clubs and festivals. He continues to play with dance bands in Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire, and also operates a project recording studio under the Treewind banner.
Mary Humphreys
Concertina and Banjo
Mary started singing in Manchester folk clubs over forty years ago - although born and educated in Wales, she lived and sang for many years in the Manchester region. She continued to be very active in folk music in the Manchester area and West Yorkshire, being a resident at well-known folk clubs and appearing in BBC radio programs, until she moved to East Anglia in 2001. She now performs as a duo with Anahata and is a member of several dance bands, as well as taking part in many musical collaborations. See her web site for more information.
David Dolby
Fiddle and Mandolin
David has a long association with morris dancing, both as a dancer and musician. He is currently one of the musicians for the East Suffolk Morris Men, and plays at and organises many sessions in East Anglia.
Danny Gallagher
Danny has been a musician for the Handsworth Traditional Sword Dancers since 1971 and has played at festivals around the country. He was also in the side's ceilidh band and was a member of the Sheffield Collection folk group. In recent years he has played for Thaxted Morris Men and Chelmsford Ladies Morris and is a regular on the Essex session circuit.
Chris Sullivan
Octave Mandola
Chris began playing traditional tunes in the early 1970s, when he was given a mandolin as a gift and decided that he ought to learn how to play it. He subsesquently played in ceilidh bands and at sessions in Essex, and was a member of the band Black Lamp, which for some years was one of the resident acts at the Maldon folk club. He mainly plays in sessions now, though he sometimes helps out in emergency dance bands with Mary and Anahata.
Simon George-Kelso
Vocals and Guitar
Simon has been interested in songs and singing for as long as he can remember, having heard some of the radio ballads and later discovering folk clubs in his teens. He lived in various parts of the country before settling in Cambridgeshire, and picked up a mixture of songs and ballads along the way. He much prefers the atmosphere of a session to a stage performance, as his main enjoyment comes from sharing songs and tunes with friends and other musicians, rather than delivering entertainment to an audience.