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Out of Reach
Folk Music from Cambridgeshire Pub Sessions

What's Out Of Reach?

Out of Reach is a CD of mostly traditional English tunes and songs, performed by a group of musicians who meet regularly to play for fun in pubs around Cambridge, UK. It is named after the Cambridgeshire village of Reach, where the musicians used to meet in the Dyke's End pub for Sunday night sessions.

There is a serious aim behind the CD that is, despite the name, very much Within Reach; and that aim is to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK from the sale of the CD.

The driving force behind the CD was melodeon player Danny Gallagher, whose wife Sarah died from breast cancer in 2010. He suggested that the repertoire of session tunes could be recorded for a fund-raising album. The idea was enthusiastically taken up by the other musicians, and Out of Reach is the result.

Update - Our Work is Done

The last payment to Cancer Reasearch UK has been made, all the CDs are sold. The total (CD sales, donations and funds raised from sheet music downloads from this site) was £5300.

Many thanks to all who contributed in any way.


Track List *
1. Recovery / Polka du Père Plumet (4:52)
2. South Downs / Linnen Hall (4:20)
3. Bang Up Hornpipe / Sweeps's Hornpipe (4:51)
4. We are Forced to be Contented (5:11)
5. French Quadrille / Laura & Lensa (3:50)
6. The Burdett / Sadlor's Baloon (sic) (3:20)
7. Serpentiner Och Konfetti / Watson's Hornpipe (4:20)
8. Meillionen (3:39)
9. Ashley's Hornpipe / The Savage Hornpipe (4:49)
10. Russian March / Sustead Schottische (4:30)
11. Jack Robinson / Mount Hills (4:08)
12. Penny for the Ploughboys (3:59)
13. Juliana (3:42)
14. A Trip to Brighton / The Charming Maid (4:05)

Most of the tunes and songs on the CD are traditional, having been collected from different parts of the UK, and a few have been written more recently, but in a traditional style. You can find more detailed information, and listen to samples of them, here. CD cover photo

* The order of the tracks shown in the CD's printed sleeve notes is slightly incorrect - the correct information is to be found on this site.